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Help, I don't know what to say!!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of my very favorite things I get to do with my single clients looking for Soul Level Partnership is write beautiful effective on-line bios. I have found that having someone else write your bio for online or matchmaker dating is so much easier. I wrote my first bio for my best friend 15 years ago for Craig's List Woman Seeking Men, lol. It was my discovery that led me to realize I have a special knack for displaying the best characteristics in someone while also tactfully and eloquently attracting helping to attract what you want while also subtlety weeding out what you don't want. It was a hit and I have been doing it ever since. Online dating is system of sifting and sorting. It's a great way to avoid the danger of chemical attraction alone, but also allows you to get really clear as to what are real needs and desires are in a potential mate. So be as clear as possible, that way, when it comes to meeting someone, you're only looking to see if there is enough chemistry that meets the needs and pa pow!

If you are writing your own bio here are a few pieces of advice:

1. Ask your friends what your qualities are and why a person might be interested in you. Be real about yourself but don't emphasize your flaws, we all have flaws and the right person will come to know and accept these.

2. Write about and attract what you ARE looking for not and what you AREN'T looking for. Ie. "No religious fanatics." Rather, "Looking for someone that is spiritually open minded."

3. Describe SPECIFICALLY who you are looking for and be honest. For example, if you are not looking to raise another person's children, make sure you state. "No kids or grown and out of the house kids."

4. Don't mention your history or burns from your previous relationships. Rather, suggest."I have lived both a life full of pain and pleasure but choose to see my life experiences as something to learn and grow from. This proves that your not stuck in your old pain and stories aka:totally unattractive. And if you are still stuck in your old stories, than contact me, you're not ready to date.

5. Use wording that feels right to you. If someone doesn't like the words you describe, then they are not for you. i.e. You like to reference a woman as a Goddess in your bio and your afraid that women will take offense to that, than that woman is not for you. The woman that loves that word, will light up like a firework and say thank you!

If you are still having trouble writing effective bios and getting yourself out in dating world again then I would love to help you. Book a free discovery session with me.

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