“It is rare to meet someone who can lift you up while also being brutally honest. Sometimes we want to be coddled and, while we all need that at times, we need someone that can open our mind and hearts to our inner beliefs and values that supersede any momentary feelings of unworthiness or insecurity. I have been blessed to work with Wakenda and develop a greater sense of self. I am so appreciative of my learning and growth through her guidance.”


"Wakenda is a truly amazing human being. She has helped me immensely and will help you with whatever your specific needs are. She is extremely intelligent, both regularly and emotionally, and has helped me tap in to a part of living and love that I and so many of us have forgotten. I will be using her various services many times in the future. Thanks Wakenda!" ~ Ben H

"If you get the chance to work with Wakenda, take it. Her presence, inclusive teaching and conscious approach to tantra and sensuality is inviting for everyone. In her class, I felt such deep love and acceptance from her and the other people in the room. And she’s a beautiful goddess!" ~Makeysha R

"An earthbound angel, sweetness personified, feet on the ground, head in the stars, knowledge of the ancients." ~ David P