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I am Wakenda Rose, your Intuitive

Love Guide, empowering singles

and couples to embody the

love they desire. 

I have spent my entire life

sharing wisdom with clients

through bodywork, intuitive

guidance and as a Certified

Tantra Teacher. 


While much wisdom comes from

the many trainings I have learned

over the years.  My deepest wisdom comes truly from my own life experience. I have spent my 40 plus years of  life learning to love and trust myself and my innate guidance and intuition more and more.  I am deeply committed to my spiritual growth and evolution and I have learned that this is a lifelong journey.


Unfortunately, we don’t get to cross off the karma checklist same way we do with our grocery list and say “ issue healed, check.”  But rather, we get the opportunity to continually expand again and again, meeting life situations that ask us to expand, grow, and thrive more and more. My desire is to meet the expansion with eyes wide open and say, “here I am, what are you asking of me, how can this opportunity continue to expand my love even more?” And my aim is to help you do the same.


I hope to see you on this rich journey of diving deep into all things love, relationships, intimacy and spirituality.

With love, 


Wakenda Rose 

Wakenda Rose
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