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For that which is not held sacred becomes the object of abuse.

Tonight I watched the Judy Garland story. A tragic life story of an incredible talent, an angelic voice that came to earth in a human body to share it’s beauty with the world.

Like so many others, Judy’s talent was stolen, raped, sold and abused. Her angel was tied in shackles and she lost her wings and she died a tragic death. People ridiculed her for not getting it together and she was truly a victim, she was told she was a commodity to owned and traded, not to be held sacred.

As I make my life and and all of my doings an attempt at more sacredness, I can’t help but feel a terrible sadness at witnessing this truth.

Our world disease is that we have lost the sacred. In the name of prestige and power we justify this rape and pillage of earth and all it’s inhabitants. When the only thing held sacred is the ego, nothing is held sacred.

I want to become sacred again. My body, my mind, my talents and everyone else. I want to see the reverence in each other, the sovereignty, the sacred.

For some period of time, I have been treating my body less sacred. But today I write. I have been lost in the distraction and that is ok. But my deep desire is to spread deeper love, meaning and sacredness to the world.

I desire for the world to be made sacred again…

How do we do this? Each one of must turn inward and see our own soul as sacred, a humble gift from god. And when we turn our eyes to another we see this in every person, every animal, every plant.

The Goddess has gifted us with so much and still we continue to forsake her. And she is taking her wrath out on us. How do we right her?

It begins with us, each meal, each deed, every bit of work, love making, dancing, let it be an offering to her. I dance for you Goddess, I make love for you Goddess, I work for you Goddess, for you have given life to us, let us make your gifts sacred again.

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