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“Consciously participating in your own evolution.”

There is one reason we are here on the planet right now. It’s is to “wake up” to consciousness.

And through waking up, we look at all of the truth and shadows of ourselves. And as we do this, we inspire this awakening in others. For many of us, this can feel like ripping the cloaks off the body and all of the limitations we have. Unburdening from conscious or unconscious traumas that keep us held back.

But in this space, we are safe, it is not easy to wake up because we must go through the gateway of all our fears, mental programmings, masks, illusions. How could that possibly feel easy?

Please please take the hand of those that are here to rise in awakening. Breathe them in, allow for their awakening, be with them in all of the pain, the shame, the hurt.

When one human conscious awakens we help to support another through entrainment. We are here to do this together. But we must look inside with complete and honest abandon. Our purpose in this earth is not to be “happy” all the time but to unveil, unravel and uncover all the lies, the masks that we have constructed around our belief systems that lead us to believe that “happiness” must be maintained at all times.

Rather, let go of the “need” to be happy and just “be.” This is what we are here to do. To just “be.” When we don’t allow someone their feelings of unhappiness or otherwise, we rob them from the opportunity to greater self discovery. But rather, we can love them through it, cheer them on on their journey, be the angel wing that caresses them as they tread through the darkness.

I am so grateful to have "soul partnerships" on this path that are supporting me in this work. No one is comforting me saying, “just stop thinking about it, get meds, something is wrong, I’m scared for you.” But rather they are congratulating me in the awakening. They are holding me in this space of allowance, compassionately listening, smiling. No one is trying to change my mind or buy into my story or buy into the fear. They are simply holding space for me to unveil, uncover, unmask, reveal my true soul purpose. ALL of our souls' purpose. I KNOW my soul's purpose is to contribute to the rising of the elevation of consciousness on the planet. And in order to do that, I have been taken on a journey of deep introspection, to face my deepest fears and shadows of failure, inadequacies, judgements, entitlements, self blame, incapacities, dependencies etc.

When we commit to our own evolution, we give permission to grow. As a result we get honest with that biting feeling in our gut that is afraid, afraid to have the conversation, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to admit to wrongdoing, afraid to stand up for what is right and we confront it with an impenetrable open heart. And as result of our own delayering and dearmoing of ourselves and awaken, we give the permission and safety to others to do the same.

It is not in my external beauty, my clothing, my perfect hair makeup, skin or cheerful attitude that I come to change the world. I come “naked and awake.”

With an apologetic awakening comes freedom and healing from that which we have attached so deeply to us that creates the false sense of security. There is only one thing that can truly know for sure, it is that we are of the same oneness and the same God. And when God asks you what you did with your time on earth, what will you say? Did you lose yourself in the illusion or did you participate in the awakening?

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