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 My mission is to help you embody and attract the Soul Level Love you've been looking for. 

Love, Sex and Relationship Guide to Soul Level Love 

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I help committed souls heal the pains of the past, embody the love they desire, and attract the Soul Love they deserve.

"As soon as I learned she was a tantra and relationship coach and she started describing the containers she holds for people I knew I needed to work with her. Working with her completely changed my life! Mind, body and soul."

Jennifer B.

“Wakenda was able to see some energetic patterns AND name how they might be showing up to trigger emotional reactions. I appreciate the subtleties she was able to bring to my attention.”

Oceanna V. 

"After losing faith in love, Wakenda nurtured me back through reconnection with spirit and body."

Nathan A. 

"If you get the chance to work with Wakenda, take it. Her presence, inclusive teaching and conscious approach to tantra and sensuality is inviting for everyone."

Makeysha R. 

"An earthbound angel, sweetness personified, feet on the ground, head in the stars, knowledge of the ancients."

David P. 

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