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Urban Sanctuary 

2745 Welton Street Denver, CO 

Tantra Church 

Every Sunday 10-11 MDT 

Now Online and Via Zoom!

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Come join us for this heart centered beginning Tantra experience. Do you long to spend more time in the heart than the head? Than this fun, meditative and deeply moving class is for you. In this exploratory class you will connect deep into the wisdom of your heart by using Classical, Taoist and Osho based Tantric exercises. Come join twice a month and get ready to move from the head to the heart.

This class is open to singles and couples.  There is no nudity or sexuality. 

If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design. ~ Sri Aurobindo


Woman, the time is here and the time is now, the Divine Femine is ready to take her place in the world with full authority, full sovereignty and full power. The divine feminine has been in hiding for thousands of years when she proclaimed that man was not yet ready to embrace her power. She has since  shown up in secret where she can be fully honored and savored in righteous devotion. 


For thousands of years the feminine has been viewed, seen and treated as lesser, imperfect, unclean, untamed and uncontrollable.. Albeit, there has been much progress, there is still a long way to go.  


But the time has come, we can no longer waste our energy away in self hatred, self mutilation, self deprecation and self loathing any longer. We must prepare ourselves on every level to move into our utter wholeness by healing this ancient wound once and for all. We must demand and embody Radical Self Love and Radical Self Acceptance to be ready. We can no longer waste our energy worrying about our imperfections, we must move into our inherent right to fully love and embrace our 1000 moods and 1000 faces and be in full right relationship with each and every one of them. 


Shakti is the feminine life force, the creative force of particles and matter. She is the tree, the flowers, the water, the animals and she is you and me. She is the wild and cosmic life force of Kundalini energy that moves us, dances with us and sings us to life. 


In this 12  week course, we will be working with the 9 goddesses of the Hindu Tantric Pantheon  Tantric practices. We will not only call upon these Goddesses mythically, but we will invoke them, embody them, unleash them and ultimately exemplify them. 


Goddess Worship has been one of the most powerful practices I have ever done. I have found this ancient and often secret practice (yes even in India where Goddess worship is often still practiced in secret) as perhaps the single most potent spiritual practice yet. I have continued to be amazed beyond belief how powerful this practice has been. For example, invoking Laksmi the Goddess of abundance, beauty and prosperity has transformed my sight to seeing life through a more beautiful lens. She enhances all the senses to taste sweet, feel lovier and even receive with more abundance.  where tastes are sweeter and sweeter tastes, feelings of ecstacy and even monetary gains. It is as if my eyes are no longer mine, but rather the lenses of beautiful Laksmi and how she sees the world. 


Woman, we need you NOW, not tomorrow, not in year but NOW. If you are reading this then you have heard the call to “Step Up.” Step into your full power, authority and sovereignty. This class is not to devalue man's place in the world. Because the powerful Shakti knows that she is wild and untamed without her Divine Masculine beloved that she weaves her powerful energy with. She must weave her energy with his consciousness and awareness to successfully create life. No life will be effectively born without these two in right relationship with each other. But we as women must lead the way and the way we do this is to become right with all parts of ourselves. We must not only accept those parts of us that are loving and kind, but we must accept those parts of the Goddess that are dark, fierce, angry, destructive and even unmerciful. We must be both the warrioress and the giver of life and we must come to know each one of these parts of ourselves intimately. 


For ultimately, “The divine feminine knows that a birth sometimes demands a death, and that the personal self sometimes has to die if the world is to be made sacred.”


I invite you to join me, in loving ourselves back to wholeness and allowing the self hatred, shame, repugnant attitude for bodies, our voice and our displaced authority in the world to die. For we are all many parts and pieces of the MahaShakti dispersed through time and space. As we heal, we come together, we mend those fractured and disenfranchised parts of ourselves. And as we do this we make the mother Shakti whole and ready to take her reign once again. .  


Will you join me? Will you join me in this auspicious time when life as we know it has stopped. It has given us time and space to slow down, to stop consuming,  stop “fixing” ourselves outwardly while we turn inward and heal ourselves from the inside out once and for all.  Will you go on this journey back to wholeness with me?  Will you be open and willing to see and love yourself and all it’s parts exactly as you are? 


The earth is waiting for The  Divine Femine to return and take her place in the world once again. Will you help get her there for the sake of our children, humanity, the earth and all it’s sacred life forms? 


I promise you after these 12  weeks you will never live life the same way again. You will be different, you will be changed. You will not simply see yourself in the eyes of the  Divine Feminine, instead you will fully embody her as your entitled right as a woman on this planet we call Earth. 


Say you’ll come with me… let's do this together. 

Space is limited! 

12 weeks 

Every Wednesday June 10th - August 26th 12-2pm  MST

$875  Workshop Only  Workshop will take place every Wednesdays from 12- 2 pm MDT  with weekly private Facebook group. All classes will be recorded so you will never miss a session.

$1175 Workshop and includes 3 private coaching sessions.

Affiliate Classes 

Ravenous - A sexy kinky, con, play and dance party. 

Saturday May 2nd  7-12am MDT

I will be sharing Tantric Pleasure and Erotic Spirituality. 

Join me as we take a journey to meet the Erotic Goddess Lalita. We will invoke Goddess Lalita as we share in self and shared Tantric pleasure either with ourselves or a beloved. We offer this practice in devotion to Lalita and the great powerful Shakti she manifests from. Get ready to get wild, intoxicated and juicy with the essence of Lalita and let her move you to ecstatic bliss.

Virtual Intimacy Retreat - Redefining Connection in three days. 

May 8, 9 &10

INTIMACY (As we know it) IS DEAD: 3-Part Series on Connecting in the time of Quarantine.

Details Below!

This is it: A New Normal is being demanded of us. There is no going back to pre-Quarantine ways of being, and that includes how we experience Intimacy with our Selves, each other and the Earth.

Without Creative Life force--the unceasing energy of curiosity, innovation and play--our culture, society, purpose and relationship to others & the Divine remains inert. In this 3-part workshop, the Tantrikas Next Door invite you to relax into the Great Mystery so that you can surrender to the integrated Inspiration of What is to Come.

Part 1: Soften Your Body, Lose Your Mind

In this introduction, Raquel invites you to explore your vast & fascinating internal landscape; In order to traverse ecstatically, we must survey the terrain!

By softening the pelvic floor, heart & throat, we become the inherent conduit of Creative Source. We begin to notice what is tense, held and contracted, and we can release what wants to let go in order to let Divinity move, work, & love THROUGH us. We’ll create a sense of safety, support & trust in the body, and entice the mind to surrender to new thoughts, ideas & aligned aways of Being.

Part 2: Create the New Way

Ali continues our journey, bringing awareness outward as we begin to notice the way we habitually create (or repel!) intimacy, closeness, and relationship.

Our minds love to recognize patterns--we are naturally & subconsciously drawn to what our brains are familiar with so that the body can exist in a way that it’s used to: with all its relaxation, tension patterns, thoughts and rituals. In order to invite in what is meant for us, we must do something differently!

Ali coaxes us to answer: What happens to the mind & the body when a new way of thinking and being are demanded of us?

Part 3: Shakti Unleashed: Embodiment Practice

In this final piece of our practice, Wakenda takes us on an incredible journey from the head to the heart. Begin to rewire your neural pathways in the most visceral, somatic & ecstatic way. Get ready to move, laugh, cry, be aroused, touched & come alive as we awaken the serpent of Kundalini energy, Shakti.

Good Touch 101, 201, 3o1

Good Touch 101

Dates to be announced

We have evolved to be exquisitely attuned to touch: Studies have shown that more emotion is transmitted through feeling the touch of another than seeing the expression on their face!

In our culture, we don't experience enough safe, platonic and nourishing skin-to-skin touch.

Join TND founders Alice, Raquel and Wakenda Rose for this continuation of Good Touch 101. With an emphasis on consent, this is a deeper dive into the Art of Giving & Receiving as we get a chance to revisit a few basic tantric practices, learn new ones and practice asking for what would nourish you.


Everyone (all genders with partners or as singles) is welcome to this playful intro to this powerful modality!      

All About Woman Just For Men 

Sat, April 4, 2020

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT

Do you long to know the inner workings of the all the complexities of the micro and macrocosm of the female sexual universe? Do you long to please your woman but feel like no matter what you do, something is missing? Please join us for a richly informative night exclusively for "men." As we dive deep into woman's sexual desire, you will learn the most modern and update scientific information coupled with Tantric theory to help you better understand your partner, your dates and how you can best treat your woman to orgasmic bliss and learn all the things that you may feel has been completely hidden from you. You are not alone, much of this information has also been hidden, unknown or a complete mystery since the beginning of time. Come with all of your curiosity and questions and get ready to have your mind blown and leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable sharing the landscape of sexuality with your female counterparts.

 Tantric Dates 

Dates to be announced  

Are you looking to meet a "soul level" partner and not just another person to get your needs met? If so, come join us at Tantric Dates, where ancient wisdom meets modern day dating. In Tantric Dates, we practice Anaharta (Heart) centered Tantra, where we are learning to see ourselves and eachother through the eyes of the heart. In this fun exploratory class, you will get the opportunity to go beyond just meeting someone based on their superficial "resume" but rather learn to "sense" your own energy as well as theirs. This allows the meeting of two souls based on compatibility and chemistry that goes beyond just getting the ego needs met. Although those are fun too! What to expect? Come with an open mind and open heart and get ready to laugh, play and perhaps even shed a tear. During this fun, safe and interactive event, we will be meditating, free form dancing and sharing simple heart opening Tantric practices with each other. There are no expectations and you always have the opportunity to sit out of any practices. There is no nudity or sexuality during this event. Testimonials: I just want to share how happy I felt all day. Last night was truly wonderful. Wow, what a sweet connection the eight of us were able to experience in such a short time! A very special reminder of how life is so much better when we move beyond our mental barriers and/or expectations... Yes, the art of using the life energy for true connection and sharing. That's what is all about. Thank you! ~ Remy

Tantra Classes 


                                                                              Norman, Oklahoma

Space Yoga Studio 

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Shakti Unleashed - Womans only Goddess Temple 


Anaharta Tantra 


Divinely Connected - Couples based Tantra


Come join us for this heart centered beginning Tantra experience. Do you long to spend more time in the heart than the head? Than this fun, meditative and deeply moving class is for you. In this exploratory class you will connect deep into the wisdom of your heart by using Classical, Taoist and Osho based Tantric exercises. Come join twice a month and get ready to move from the head to the heart.

This class is open to singles and couples.  There is no nudity or sexuality. 

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