Friends, I'm very excited announce my ne

Tantric Love and Intimacy Coach

Hello beloveds, 


I am a Love Empowerment Guide. I work with those seeking to move into right relationship with themselves in order to invoke deeper trust and body wisdom.  I help clients go beyond getting their superficial needs met, and understand and grow from their old stories, woundings and patterns that they have been repeating. I assist clients in learning to be in right relationship with themselves first. Often the love we desire to share with someone else is actually the love we have been depriving ourselves of. It is no wonder that over time, the love you were looking to either give or get dissipates, leaving you feeling, wounded and empty yet again. I help clients to see the blind spots that keep them repeating negative relationship patterns over and over. I help clients shift their perception into seeing relationship and sex as a journey not to getting their needs met, but rather a journey to a deeper connection with divinity. 


I believe the dating and relationship journey is a tool for better understanding and insight of ourselves. Rather than looking for the “one," I work with clients to see each and every potential partner as an opportunity for expansion of self. By becoming more attuned to your own limiting beliefs, programming, and honing in on your needs wants and desires. 

Do you ever wonder why the same relationship patterns keep coming up even though your partner seems completely different than the previous one? 


The answer is within yourself. In an unconscious attempt to heal, you will continue to manifest partner after partner that will trigger your core issues. This will continue until you get authentically honest with yourself, be open and willing to see where you are not in right relationship with yourself, understand your pain, trauma, insecurities, deal with your grief and move past, anger, blame and self righteousness. 


We all have these pain points, but there are few of us who are truly willing to openly acknowledge our pain, be vulnerable and make considerable growth from our  wounds. Those who are willing to have a soul level connection say: "I see you and your pain and I am willing to share not only in the loving of you but in the healing of you. If you are willing, I am willing."

I am deeply committed to the healing of all things, love, intimacy and spirituality, and I would be honored to work with you! 

Much love and Blessings, 
Wakenda Rose