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From Loss to Love 


A Journey to Heal the Heart and Live Fully Again 



Four years ago after my divorce, I went into the deepest grief I had ever experienced. I had never felt such grief, I hadn’t yet lost anybody to death, but it was the closest thing I could imagine to it. It hurt a type of hurt I didn’t know possible. And although we both came to the agreement along the journey that we needed or rather desired to part ways, I was still terribly heartbroken. To top it off, my grief went on for a full three years. I thought I would never get over him, felt like I had let him slip away, that I was stupid for allowing the divorce to happen. I had lost my rock. That solid figure that I hadn’t even realized was such a fixture in my life and my body screamed to have him back when he left.


I spent the next three years like any crazy woman in midlife crisis does. I sold everything and jet setted across the world. I went even deeper in my studies of Tantra, meditation, received lots of therapy, hired a coach and got to work on healing. Problem was, everywhere I went, I came a long with me and so did my stories. 


But I foraged on, committed to move through the pain, the grief, the anguish, the stories and keep growing. And then that’s when it happened…after three years of travel, wild experiences and lots of studying and a deep commitment to healing my brokenness I began to blossom. The grief began to lighten, the nightmares lessoned, and sure enough I began to feel a sense of love again. This love was intoxicating, it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I woke with it in the morning, it hung around all day and it even came to bed with me at night. I began smiling at the peacefulness I felt alone. The desperate longing for a partnered softened, the longing became sweet, more like that feeling you get a christmas when you can’t wait to open your present and at the same time you savor the wait. I began to love this feeling so much that I stopped thinking of partnership so much. I became in a love relationship with myself and it was ECSTATIC. I began to feel such an amazing feeling of ecstasy that I began to feel tremendous gratitude for my ex and our parting. I thought, if the gift of this amazing journey was for me to fall in love with myself (by the way, something I had never really felt before) than it was all worth it.

I'm absolutely positive I would've never made it through without the exceptional help I acquired along the way and I'm committed to helping other make the arduous journey from Loss to Love. 

With love, 

Wakenda Rose 

Do you answer yes to any of the questions below? 

Do you feel in conflict and often overtaken by feelings of so many emotions while struggling to see yourself thriving and happy post divorce or break up?

Are you struggling to be alone and worry that you will never find love again?

Even if you believe the divorce was the right thing, Do you still feel stuck in shame, regret, blame and anger?

Do you feel you are unworthy of being loved again?

Does the concept of self love feel difficult to embody? 

Are you so grief stricken by your breakup that you’ve considered suicide?

Do you wake up with anxiety, regret and depressed that you are no longer together ?


Do you feel like you lost the best thing you ever had even if it sucked? Is it hard to imagine you might meet anyone better or fear they could be worse?

Do you feel like you are damaged goods and have too much baggage to possibly meet someone new who would accept you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I invite you to join us for a six month healing journey to heal the heart and live fully again. 


This class is for:

* those wanting to move on from blame and shame of self and other

*those having difficulty moving on alone

*those wanting to get unstuck from the "story"

*those ready to move forward from their break up and divorce in a positive way

*those who are ready to learn the lessons and receive this gifts and wisdom of their past

*those that are ready to do the grief work

*those that want to have a healthy relationship to their past 

*those that are ready to be honest with themselves

*those that are ready to be courageous

This class is not for:

*those who want to shame/blame their ex for their problems

*those unwilling to get honest

*those not ready to change relationship patterns

*those that feel completely moved on ​

*hoping to rekindle with your ex 

February 16th - May 4th 2022

Wednesdays 6pm- 8pm MST

2 Live Classes Bi Weekly 

2 Bi weekly homework with guided meditations & mantras 

Group Coaching: $3259

2 Live Classes Bi Weekly (2 hours)

2 Pre Recorded Bi weekly classes with guided meditations and homework (1 hour)


Group Coaching with one private 1 hour coaching session per month: $4500 

(payment plans available) 

Begins February 16th 2022

Book your discovery call to register

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