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Shakti Flow Meditation

This dynamic meditation is a four-part series, to help you open your heart, shake off stagnant energy, slash away what’s no longer serving you, and discover the peace that lives within.


"Shakti" is the Divine Feminine Life force that lives within and around us all the time. Shakti is associated with the power of creation and is often seen as the divine force responsible for manifesting and sustaining the universe. In this context, Shakti is the creative energy that gives birth to all forms and phenomena.


Shakti, the creative Divine feminine lives within all of us, man and woman. Shakti can lie dormant if we have repressed or suppressed this divine life force. This moving meditation helps to awaken and reignite the feminine life force that supports energy, vitality, creativity, and awakening.


Find yourself a private area where you can comfortably, sit, lie down and move your body.

Introduction To Shakti Flow 

Follow Along  Practice 

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